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Collateral Warranties

Jane regularly drafts and reviews collateral warranties. She advises banks, purchasers & tenants, contractors and consultants as well as developers on warranties and their underlying appointments.


Jane is experienced with standard RIBA and ACE appointments for architects and engineers and with landscape appointments as well as bespoke forms. She is familiar with BIM requirements for designers and design coordinators.

Building Contracts

Jane is familiar with JCT, NEC and bespoke forms of contract. She regularly advises on contracts and schedules of amendments. Her experience covers offices, retail, schools, academies and universities, government departments, hotel, leisure and rail. Jane can also advise on termination and insolvency.

Development Agreements

Jane can advise on the construction aspects of development agreements and associated documentation.

Escrows & Project Bank Accounts

Sophisticated developments often require specialist arrangements for protecting the funding and draw-down facilities

Bonds & Guarantees

Projects often require Parent Company Guarantees and/or Performance Bonds in case of contractor default.


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